Which Waffle Will Work?

Posted on Dec 10th 2019


In the wake of the announcement of our new product we have compared our existing product with our new Classic Mix! This infographic post highlights the key differences and how they may affect you.

This week The Malted Waffle Company have announced something very exciting for all you wafflers. Just in time for the holidays we’ve given you an early gift. The gift of one of the most competitively priced waffle mixes on the market. And no contracts! What? We hear you say… That’s right you heard us. NO CONTRACT!

At The Malted Waffle Company we’re constantly thinking up ways in which we can make our customers lives easier. We hear your wants and needs, and we make them come true. Que, the Classic Mix.

We love our exiting Free On Loan programme and think that after 30 years we’re doing it pretty well. But, there are some customers that don’t want to be tied down to an obligation and we don’t want to cut you out of the picture.

We’ve created an infographic for you to decide which mix and programme is the right one for you. The best thing is that this isn’t limited to only new customers. Our existing customers also have the choice to opt out of their contracts too and purchase their existing machine for a discounted price!

So, how ever are you going to choose? Take a look at the facts and we’ll help you decide the rest!

Infographic for which waffle will work
An infographic on which waffle would work for our customers

Which waffle will work for me?

This Classic Mix is our lowest priced waffle mix at just £3.40 per kg, and one of the cheapest on the market. We don’t want you to have to compromise on great taste or quality. So, we’ve tried to adhere to our original recipe as much as possible, with a few sweet tweaks, to get you more waffle for your wad.

We want to please every type of customer. If you are looking for more of an economical product, the Classic Mix is for you. The Classic Mix will be a no-obligation product, meaning that you will be purchasing the flour only*. Packaged in 2x5kg bags per box the larger bag allows for larger product yield. That’s 100 waffles per box**! We think the Classic Mix is pretty nifty and we think you will too.

However, the Free On Loan programme is still a customer favourite. Many customers enjoy the fact that we use only the highest quality products and have such a large range of different waffle mixes. And, the FOL programme also allows customers to be entitled to continued support from our team and means no costly investment in machinery.

Which one do we think is better?

Both of our programmes have pro’s and we want you to find which one is right for you and your establishments. One thing you can guarantee is that you will always receiving the best customer service and products from The Malted Waffle Company.

I’m a new customer can I try both?

Yes! Our new customers have the option to receive a Taster Pack so they can try our products without the hassle of setting up a demonstration by one of our team. This is also one of the ways we are improving our sustainability. Read all about it here!

I’m an existing customer. How do I go about purchasing my loaned machine?

If you’re looking to get out of the contract and switch to the Classic Mix. You can now purchase your loaned machine at a discounted price. Please call one of the team to discuss on 0121 308 6040.

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*If you are a free on loan customer you will not be able to purchase the Classic Mix as your monthly flour purchase.

**Approximate yield from the box.


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