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How much is shipping?

We offer next day delivery on all orders placed before 1pm. This is £5 + VAT per 25kg or FREE with orders over £250.

Do you offer Saturday delivery?

Yes, we offer Saturday delivery for £12 + VAT.

How can I track my order?

You will receive an email and text from our courier service. If you do not receive these please email sales@waffles.co.uk

If we hire the machine is there any hire cost and when is the deposit refundable?

There is no hire cost. There is a £200 deposit per machine and the deposit will be refundable on return of the machines minus our termination charge and any other charges on return of the machine

How much waffle mix do I have to purchase each month?

You will be required to purchase 1 case of waffle flour per month per machine. This is done through a subscription service you can read more about below. 

What happens if we don’t need the minimum required mix each month and aren’t purchasing the required amount?

You will be sent the right amount of waffle mix for the number of machines you have, if you don’t need the mix you can save for the following months as it has a 12 month shelf life. If you don’t think you need that much mix you can buy the machine off the loan programme or simply return the machine to us. 

Can I mix and match waffle mix, crepes mix and gluten-free waffle and crepe mix to make up the monthly required buy.

No, you need to order a minimum of 1 case of waffle flour per month per machine. This includes Complete, Deluxe, Eggless and Gluten free.

How are we covered for Parts, labour, and maintenance if we hire the item?

On our free on loan programme if you have an issue with your machine we arrange for DPD to collect and we repair. If there are manufacturing issues they will be repaired free of charge. For any other issues you may incur a charge for repair.

Do you sell the replacement plates and how much?

Yes we do, You will receive a free of charge plate change after 12 cases of waffle flour. Anything under this there is a charge of £45+vat per set we then collect the used plates for recycling.

Do you provide all the accessories for the waffle machine?  

Your order will come with a cleaning brush. Please see our website for other waffle accessories. www.waffles.co.uk

For our loan programme we operate a subscription. This is new for 2022 and makes getting our waffle mix even easier for customers.

We request that on start up you set up a Direct Debit mandate through GoCardless. This requires you to enter your bank details. We then set up monthly reoccurring invoices for one case of waffle mix per machine, this is automatically raised and charges your bank. Once we see payment has been received we then send the box out to you.

If you need to order more stock in the month you simply call, email or order online.

If you wish to close your account, we cancel the direct debit and you simply return your machines to us.

If you cancel the direct debit without returning the machines you will be charged for lost machines and rentals and these may be escalated to a debt collecting service.

If you need to skip a month please contact us so we can find the right solution for you.

If you have any questions please call or email the team.

If we decided to purchase the waffle machine do we still have to purchase a minimum amount of mix each month?

No there is no minimum order required.

How are we covered for parts, labour and maintenance if we’ve purchased the waffle machine?

You get 6 months warranty with a purchased machine. After this time you will be required to pay for parts but we cover the labour costs.

Do you sell the replacement plates and how much are they?

Plates are £45+vat per set we then collect the used plates for recycling

Do you provide all the accessories for the machine?

Your order will come with a complimentary cleaning brush. Please see our website for other waffle accessories. www.waffles.co.uk

Do you provide all the accessories for this?

Please see our shop for crepe accessories. www.waffles.co.uk

Where do we stand for parts labour and maintenance?

We are a designated repair centre for repairing Krampouz crepe machines. The crepe machines come with 1 year warranty. After this time we would need to inspect the machine in order to provide you with a repair quote.

Do you sell the crepe mixture?

Yes, our crepe mix is £75 and will make you 400 40cm crepes. You can purchase that right here – crepe mix

Yes! Our waffle mix has been perfectly blended with malt, sugar, salt and vanilla to create a waffle which can be filled or topped with both fillings. We have some great suggestions in our blog!

It sure can. Once your batter is made up it can sit ambient for the day, refrigerated for the night and used the next day. This can be repeated for 72 hours! Just make sure you let your batter get back up to room temperature before you cook it in the waffle machine.

Definitely, we suggest using the live chat function to request this, email sales@waffles.co.uk or call the team on 01213086040 and they can provide this to you.

Alternatively, visit www.waffles.co.uk/mixinginstructions and this will show recipes for all our products

All our waffle flours are delicious but have some subtle differences! Deluxe flour requires eggs, butter and water to be added. Complete has British, whole hen, pasteurised egg powder included so only requires butter and water. Eggless has had the egg substituted with vegetable protein and requires butter and water. Gluten free mix has had the wheat removed and requires butter and water.

You need to decide what your customers would prefer! If you want to add local providence, then we suggest using Deluxe flour so you can add local eggs. If you need convenience, we suggest using the Complete flour. If your customers don’t eat egg or wheat, then pick our eggless flour or gluten free flour. We have something for everyone!

In our waffle machines it should take you approximately 3-4 minutes to cook a perfect waffle!

Absolutely! We recommend cooking the majority of your waffles during quiet periods then storing them on a cooling rack – where they can sit for up to 6 hours. It only takes 30 seconds to reheat in the machine once a customer orders and they taste just as delicious as a freshly cooked waffle – give it a try!

It makes delicious fluffy American style pancakes. Visit www.waffles.co.uk/mixinginstructions for the recipe. If you want to make crepes – the large thin French style pancakes you can purchase our crepe mix.

Yes, please view our  Youtube videos.

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