What is a waffle?

Posted on Nov 8th 2019

Waffles have been enjoyed for a long time in the United States as breakfast items and have made their way over to our shores in recent years as well. Waffles are an increasingly popular menu item which can be versatile in so many ways. In this post you can learn what a waffle is and different ways in which waffles can be used in new and creative ways.

 A waffle is a sweet or savory base made from a batter mix. Waffles are characterized by their dimpled, grid shape but can be cooked between any two plates into the desirable shape or size. Waffles are generally served hot and fresh and are best enjoyed straight away after cooking.

Not to be confused with the Belgian Waffle, which is typically of a heavier, more cakey consistency. These types of dessert are sweet as they have large sugar lumps within them and are not generally made fresh. The fresh waffle is a great adaptable food which can be used for any type of meal or course. The batter is generally made up of flour, eggs, water and butter with other choice ingredients for flavouring.  

image of banoffee waffle.

Why are waffles Important?

Well, big question. As we’ve discussed previously one of the reasons is because of the versatility of them! Waffles can be enjoyed in so many ways such as for breakfast, covered in whipped cream and syrup. Or in a high-end evening menu, such as London eatery Duck and waffle. They famously blend savoury flavours such as duck and mustard on top of the waffle.

Waffles are becoming more and more popular. This is in part to do with the exposure they are getting on menus now. At such a low production cost it is understandable why restaurateurs and chefs alike are choosing to showcase these items on their menus in multiple dishes. Waffles cater to so many different palates and are really just a canvas for your imagination to run free. Whether you are keeping it traditional with syrup or jazzing it up to create a burger with it! You’ll be sure to have a taste for every type of customer who walks through your doors.

Over 2 million waffles are sold in UK every year (according to statistics of sales from The Malted Waffle Company)! Those sorts of numbers show that the craze is not just a phase but here to stay. Imagine having a product that people are guaranteed to like every time which costs you next to nothing to produce. No brainer! So, if adaptability, low cost and popularity aren’t reasons why waffles are so important then we don’t know what is?!

Tips and Reminders for waffles

·        A waffle is what you make of it! Remember that a waffle is at its core a base for anything. Sweet or savoury, crazy and out the box or traditional. Waffles are suitable for any type of topping and establishment.
·        A waffle must always be fresh off the iron. Although the batter and the cooked waffle itself can be kept optimizing rate of production. Be sure to make sure it has at least 30 seconds back on the waffle iron before serving is ideal. The nature of a waffle means they don’t do well sat on a shelf for days on end.
·        Waffles are growing in popularity. Waffles are consumed around the globe and more so every day in the UK.

So, what is a waffle? It’s the reason your menu went from good to great and is why customers return again and again. With the endless possibilities of what a waffle can be they should be nick-named the shapeshifters of the food world. So, when people ask what’s best thing since sliced bread? All of our answers are, the waffle… duh!  

If you understandably love waffles and need some in your life. After reading this post check out this video on how to make them! Then you too can be digging into the fresh baked deliciousness that is the humble waffle.

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