Waffle Flavour Recipe and toppings ideas for Christmas.

Posted on Dec 19th 2022

With the festive season fast approaching, we are here early to present to you with waffle flavour recipe ideas to compliment the festive season.  

Surprise your family and friends this Christmas. Our waffle flavour recipes are mouth watering and fantastic to be shared with family and friends as Christmas approaches!

Christmas tree waffle

Christmas tree waffle:

This is a mouth-watering favourite, especially with kids. Prepare your waffle batter mix as usual, and add in green food colouring, we recommend concentrated green colouring, as a only a few drops are required. Prepare on your waffle iron and serve hot! Finally, feel free to sprinkle with red and green M & Ms, or Christmas themed sprinkles and delicious treats!

Strawberry waffle:

With your already- made waffle batter put to the side, the plan is to mix with delicious strawberry jam mix, what better way to compliment your waffles! Put in the strawberries sugar and vanilla extract in a pan and allow to simmer on low heat. Make sure to stir occasionally until the strawberry are soft. Using a wooden spoon, mash the strawberries until it forms a jam-like texture. Place in the refrigerator until it cools as desired. With the pre-made waffle batter, add the strawberry jam mix, and stir. Now pour in your strawberry jam and waffle mix to prepare on your iron, cooking according to instructions. Alternatively, you can make this delicious strawberry jam mix for your waffles days ahead, and store in an air tight container for a few days, that way you have some delicious flavours for your waffles ready to mix! Enjoy!

Raspberry waffle:

With your already freshly prepared waffle, what better way to enjoy that with raspberry toppings. To prepare this, you only need two ingredients: fresh or raspberry and sugar. (*do feel free to add in some vanilla flavour if you fancy*) Finally, add in your raspberry and sugar into a pot, simmer and stir occasionally. You will soon notice it form a syrup like texture, and should be ready in 10 minutes. Now place in the refrigerator to cool, and enjoy spreading this on your fresh waffles!

Red velvet waffle with chocolate syrup:

This is a favourite and incredibly easy. Prepare your waffles as you usually prefer, and add in your red food colouring to provide a deep red shade. Cook to perfection in your waffle iron and serve with drizzled chocolate syrup. Click on the link below to explore our ingredients and syrup selections for your waffle flavour recipe:  


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