Bespoke Waffle Machines

The Malted Waffle Company is proud to be one of the only companies able to create bespoke waffle machines for our customers.  

Our bespoke offering ranges from embossing your logo into one of our classic designs to completely redesigning the shape of a waffle to your design!  

The process requires you to send us a high-resolution image of your logo or a high resolution of the shape you would like the waffle to be in. We will then determine whether the request is viable and would be able to produce a tasty waffle! 

We then create a CAD drawing for you to approve. Once you have confirmed this, we print a 3D model of the waffle for your review. Once you are happy with this, we create the plates and build them into a waffle machine. Creating a truly bespoke product for you to serve to your customers! 

These plates can be used for purchased Malted Waffle Company machines or for machines through our Free on Loan Programme.  

Before starting the bespoke waffle service, we ask for your agreement to the below costs:  

We have outlined the costs below.  

Design work (CAD drawing and 3D model) – £500 + VAT  

Pattern work – £1200 + VAT 

Bespoke plates – £dependant on amount of material required for design + VAT per plate  

If you are interested in this service please complete the below enquiry form: